Women's Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs combine the forgiveness of fairway woods with the control of irons, making them ideal for escaping from tight lies in the rough, as well as being a replacement for long irons on the fairway. This selection of women’s hybrid clubs from Callaway, Cobra, PING, TaylorMade, and XXIO provides versatility and precision for those tricky situations and in-between distances. There are generous discounts on offer for several models, allowing you to add high-quality hybrid clubs to your bag without breaking the bank. (Note: These are affiliate links from which we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.)

Callaway Ladies Big Bertha REVA Hybrid

Callaway Hybrids

Callaway’s hybrid line-up for women features the Ladies Great Big Bertha 23 Hybrid, Ladies Big Bertha REVA Hybrid, and Ladies Rogue ST MAX OS Lite Hybrid. Each model offers unique features to help you tackle the various challenges you’ll face on the course.

Cobra Hybrids

Cobra’s latest hybrids include their Ladies AIR-X Hybrid, Cobra Ladies LTDx MAX Hybrid, Ladies AEROJET Hybrid, Cobra Ladies F-MAX Airspeed Hybrid, and Ladies LTDx Combo Iron Set.

Cobra Ladies LTDx MAX Hybrid
PING Ladies G Le3 Hybrid

PING Hybrids

PING offers the PING Ladies G Le2 and Ladies G Le3 Hybrids, known for their impressive playability.

TaylorMade Hybrids

For those seeking reliable performance, TaylorMade offers the Stealth Rescue and Ladies Stealth 2 HD Rescue hybrid clubs, as well as their Ladies SIM2 Max Rescue hybrids.

TaylorMade Ladies SIM2 Max Rescue Hybrid
XXIO Ladies Prime Royal Edition Hybrid

XXIO Hybrids

XXIO’s hybrid offerings include their XXIO 11, XXIO 12, and Ladies Prime Royal Edition Hybrid, designed for both distance and accuracy.